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Call for Applications: Master's Program «Non-Profit Organiazation Management»

Application deadline: October 16, 2020

The educational, research and production complex "International University of Kyrgyzstan" and the Hanns Seidel Foundation announce recruitment for grant places for a joint master's program: "MANAGEMENT OF A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION".

Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic under the age of 45 can participate in the competition:

  • with at least 2 years of work experience in a non-profit organization (NPO),
  • currently working in a non-profit organization in the provision of services at the local and national levels (education, health care, social protection, culture, human rights protection, environmental protection, promotion of human rights).

In the case when the applicant's higher professional education does not correspond to the direction of "Management" with the profile "Management of a non-profit organization", the university offers additional leveling courses using distance learning technologies.

To participate in the admission you need:

By October 16, 2021, submit the following documents to the university:

  1. copy of your passport;
  2. the original of the higher education diploma with the assignment of the academic degree "bachelor" or the diploma of higher education with the assignment of the qualification "specialist" in the relevant field or specialty, or a copy of the diploma, certified by a notary;
  3. 6 photos of 3x4 size (in printed and electronic version from the photo studio);
  4. certificate from the place of work confirming continuous work experience;
  5. a copy of the registration certificate of the NGO (where the applicant works) at the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic
  6. a letter of recommendation from the head of the NGO in which the candidate works for master's studies;
  7. motivational essay “Why I chose this program and this topic of the master's thesis” (see the list of topics below);
  8. resume (with contact details);
  9. for those liable for military service, a certificate of registration or a copy of a military card certified by a notary;

The motivational essay must be sent to the e-mail, the rest of the documents to the admissions office of the university in office 310 at the address:

  • Bishkek, st. Leo Tolstoy 17a, Central campus of IUK.

Documents submitted incompletely or not meeting the requirements will not be considered.

Lists of those recommended for admission will be posted on the information stand and on the University website

Enrolled candidates will be invited to the University to sign an agreement and receive additional information.

More detailed information can be obtained on the University website - in the "Master" section or from the contact person:

  • Melis kyzy Anara, specialist of the dean's office of magistracy (0312) 642 336, 0 701 102 035, 0 778 509 824

List of topics for a motivational essay:

1. Volunteering as a way of life.

2. Ensuring the observance of the rights of the child.

3. The right to freedom of speech.

4. Environmental protection in Kyrgyzstan: problems and solutions.

5. Human health: the main factors, urgent problems in the field of health.

6. Modern youth of Kyrgyzstan: challenges and trends

7. Role and place of advocacy and lobbying in Kyrgyzstan: experience and perspectives.

8. Social entrepreneurship: problems and prospects for Kyrgyzstan

9. Lifestyle of the population of Kyrgyzstan: current state and ways of improvement

10. Cultural identity of the Kyrgyz: problems and prospects

11. The role of NGOs in modern Kyrgyzstan

12. Who is a modern effective NPO manager?

13. The role of rural public associations of drinking water consumers in the implementation of the "Taza-Suu" project / The role of NGOs in the implementation of infrastructure projects (water supply, construction, etc.)

14. The role of NGOs in the implementation of projects to support small and medium-sized businesses

15. Are “jayit committees” needed?

16. Public organizations in Soviet times and now

17. The role of the manager in non-profit organizations.

18. The Nature of Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations

19. Governance of NGOs in the society of the future

20. Non-profit organizations - providers of social services

21. Non-profit sector and the state: interaction technologies

22. The topic proposed by the applicant


Full-time evening form with the use of distance educational technologies - 2 years

Estimated time of classes: 17: 00-20: 00