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You are the nation of the creator of Djamilya and not a nation of Barbarians!

Last Sunday (October 04, 2020) I was an international observer during the national parliament elections in Kyrgyzstan. I was impressed by the great efforts of the local staff of election offices, by the biometric registration system of the citizens and the automatically reading ballot boxes.

But it made me also concerned to listen everywhere to complaints about buying of votes or illegal usage of administrative resources. 
On the other side: If somebody is buying votes, also somebody is selling. So, here also some self-criticism on the side of citizens is inevitable.
Personally, I did not like the situation that the brother of the president was busy to set up a strong party for the next convention of the Kyrgyz parliament. You could watch it just looking to the election posters around the country. It remembered me too much on methods used during past elections in the country. I would have desired that present president and his brother will stay away from this political practices people have seen for long time and understand quite well.
When I saw Sunday evening the results of the elections and realized that out of 4 political parties entering the new parliament 3 were close to the president, I got mixed feelings. Why? Kyrgyz people – especially the young generation – are following political developments very carefully and don´t accept nowadays everything you present them as done and decided.
And it happened what I was worried. Starting from Monday morning an increasing number of people started to protest the election results. Until the evening these were peaceful protests which I could understand. On the main square you could find people from the political parties not being able to enter the new parliament, but also citizens who were not participating in the election as voter. People are nowadays hardly affected by Coronavirus and the difficult economical situation. They are simply unsatisfied with living conditions and showed their protest on this occasion.
And president and government did not answer on the demands of the protesters during all day. Instead of such an expected reaction from the side of the people they met with election observer delegations from CIS countries to confirm each other how fair and successful this election was.
Later the cancellation of the election results on Tuesday by the Central Election Commission was the right decision.
But what happened parallel in the country made me disappointed and sad: Looting of buildings (including the White House with the parliament), factories (also from international companies) and shops , destroying of private property, seizing illegally agricultural fields, illegal dismissal of representatives of state institutions or of local self-government units, beating of nominated or elected representatives of public or local authorities, etc.
Also, the way convicted politicians or administrators in public administration were released by people and not by an ordinary court decision I can not support. There is a rule of law! You have to ask for a renewal of the judicial proceedings. If the conviction was unlawful, courts have to correct it. But people can not play the judge.

My beloved Kyrgyz brothers and sisters: You are the nation of the creator of Djamilya and not a nation of Barbarians!
During the 30 years after independence you gained a lot of sympathy worldwide. Everybody likes the friendly people from the island of democracy and hospitality in Central Asia!
Stop looting and blind destroying! Protect the rule of law! Else you will not see any new foreign investor in this country and foreign tourists will be afraid to visit your outstanding nature and admired Nomad culture.
Don´t gamble the “credit” you enjoy worldwide! Make me again proud when I tell people in Germany and in Europe about your beautiful country with his beautiful people!